Robert Pearson
Full time in a 31' RV.

After one year on the road I was about to call it a day. But a new RV and the possibility of the movie Almost There kept me on the road for one more year I thought. But then I started traveling with Barbara. We traveled together for two and a half years. Through her I got to do and see a lot of things I wouldn't have on my own.

Barbara was already at Slab City when I arrived my first year. She was the one who after observing me for a few hours said I wouldn't last a week. A few weeks later her then boyfriend arrived. At the morning coffee one day I joked, "Now that you've met me you realize what a mistake you've made." I was referring to the boyfriend. Turns out I called it correctly. They broke up after the season.

Meanwhile I wound up back in Seattle where I purchased my second and much better RV and went back on the road. At the LoW RV park in Deming, NM Barbara and I started dancing when the group went out. As will happen, dancing led to other things and we started traveling together though in different rigs.

When it became obvious that we were traveling together one mutual friend gave us no more than 90 days because we have very little in common. They called us Hollywood and the Hillbilly. We lasted two and a half years and are still best friends, family actually.

Traveling with Barbara and Dilly.


Dilly is Barbara’s rescue dog. Dilly is a Chinese Crested Powderpuff. The Chinese Crested are the naked dogs with hair on just the head and feet. The powderpuff is the same dog but born with fur.

Dilly was a show dog for a while then locked in a kennel for four years. The breeder rescued Dilly and gave him to Barbara. When she first got Dilly he had no personality, just sat there. He didn’t know you were talking to him because nobody ever had.

The video is a thank you note to the breeder.


Dilly isn’t always the best behaved dog. While we weren’t looking he had a little party with the trash.

Sometimes I threaten to put Dilly on the Free Table but never have done it.