Robert Pearson
Full time in a 31' RV.

Another nice thing about Ashland is one can hear music other than country. There are several jazz and swing groups in town. Here’s a jazz group that plays every Wednesday AM at a local coffee bakery/coffee shop.


I took some photos of the band and made some prints which they hung on the wall at the coffee shop. The next week they asked if I wanted to sit in which I did. First time I’d played in decades. I played fairly well all things considered. The drummer liked my style because I’m kind of a throw back to the bebop era.


Above photos of me taken on an iPhone by vocalist Debi O’Malley pictured right.


The next week the regular drummer didn’t show. Another drummer did but without his drums. So he put a mike in a box and I played on a conga. (Photos taken by Dee with my Canon 5D iii.)


The two “desert shirts” I’m wearing in the photos were designed by me and Ashland seamstress Laural May. I wanted light shirts with pockets and long sleeves for sun protection. Basically Hawaiian shirts with pockets and long sleeves. Laural May made several for me for when I go back to the desert.


Playing drums in my younger days at a bar in Santa Cruz California. Don't think I was old enough to be in a bar, not sure how we got away with it.