Robert Pearson
Full time in a 31' RV.

The Prairie States.


Most states won’t give you a drivers license unless you have a physical address. Barbara doesn’t have an address and I may sell my condo putting me in the same position. South Dakota only requires you to stay overnight to establish residency. Then you can use a South Dakota Personal Mail Box (PMB) as the address on your drivers license. This necessitated a trip to the prairie states

Norman, OK we stayed at the county fairgrounds which is also where the horse and mule wagons formed for the 89ers parade. One guy saw me taking photos and asked if we wanted a ride. We rode through the parade and I even got to take the lines and drive the wagon for a while.


Broken Bow, NE was a great little town. We stayed there three days before continuing into South Dakota.


In Rapid City, SD three of us got drivers licenses from the DMV and plates from the county in about an hour and a half including driving. How many DMVs have you been to that were that quick? I also went to the local Farmers agent to get my RV insurance switched to South Dakota.

The next day I discovered forward vent on my RV broke letting the rain in. I had to wait for a repair guy to come out and fix it.


A few days after we arrived in South Dakota this AP photo shows what was happening on the street where we stayed in Norman, OK. The highway we took out of Oklahoma was closed due to tornados. Even though we missed the tornados the almost constant wind began to wear on us.

“OOOOk-lahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain,” Not to mention sweepin the houses and RVs away.

My square foot hole in the foof fixed we decided to see the main tourist attractions, buffalo, Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Monument.


This project has been going on for several decades. In the next 10 years they hope to complete the arm and top of the horse.


We held off going to South Dakota until the Weather Channel app showed 10 days of lows above 40. Whoops. This is what a saw out my window one morning a few days after we arrived.


The cold was more tolerable than I thought until the wind came up. (15 to 30 mph gusting to 45.) At least we missed the tornados.

We thought we would be at the KOA park for a few days but it wound up being more than a week. Expensive but the staff was helpful. We liked having electric and being safe through the storm.


Fort Lamarie National Park, Wyoming


Finally Oregon. 150 feet inside Oregon at the Ontario Walmart. A little rain but otherwise quite pleasant so we stayed 4 days meeting some of the local folks who camp in the Walmart parking lot.


Moving on through the higher Oregon elevations toward Ashland, OR