Robert Pearson
Full time in a 31' RV.

Furniture Dave

Dave showed up in our back area one day in a U-Haul van full of furniture and boxes of books. He unloaded the furniture and returned the U-Haul. For several months there he was with no shelter and a lot of furniture. Finally he moved up front into a somewhat derelict 40’ trailer which had space for most of the furniture. I named him Furnature Dave.


Refrigerator Wayne
They call him Refrigerator Wayne because he fixes RV refrigerators but I call him the RV Whisperer because he fixes almost everything RV. He charges a fraction of what an RV shop would charge and sometimes does a better job. Wayne keeps a lot of Slab folks on the road. He also has a Friday evening pot luck which attracts a lot of the locals.


My first RV had so many problems I didn’t want to get more than 30 miles from Wayne. Here he is fixing my furnace.


Wayne also likes to dress up as a vampire. Here he explains refrigerator circuit boards at the LoW rally.


Sandi was an one of the nicer Slab City year round residents. She was an artist and played at most of the musical gatherings including her own Tuesday night get together. She died of a massive heart attack April 2015. A great loss to Slab City.