Video created for the Evergreen Escapee Co-op RV park in Chimacum, WA

Wednesday Jazz Jam in Ashland, OR. Haven't played drums since the Johnson administration.

Some photos of places visited on the 2017-2018 WIN Winter circuit.


Robert Pearson
Full time in a 31' RV.

Music video shot at WellSprings, Ashland, OR.

A special video we made for the breader who rescued Dilly Barbara could give him a home

A video view of Belltown, my old Seattle neighborhood. I sold my Seattle condo in July of 2015

Belltown 98121 - Darryl Ary - This is a short documentary that played in the Seattle International Film Festival and the Seattle True Independent Film Festival. Length 14:17 ( no longer exists. All my Hollywood stuff is at

Video for the Goddess Temple at WellSprings, Ashland, OR.

For several videos of RV poet Randy Vining performing his poetry go to the Randy Vining page.

The Saquaro National Park near Tucson, AZ has an abundance of cacti and other plants. A short video of various desert textures.