People who need people, or not.

One meets a wide variety of people on the road. Some are traveling in 40 foot class A RVs that run $500,000 and up while others are traveling in a hybrid electric/gas auto like a Prius that's been fitted with a bed and some storage. There's everything in between and for the most part we are happy with what we have.

People on the road aren't much different than people living in houses. The thing about people on the road is they tend to be in better than average physical shape and because we are an informal tribe. If your water pump stops working you may get help from some guy who happens to carry an extra water pump.

Take a look at a few of the folks I've met on the road.

Randy Petty aka Haiku Randy because he writes haiku. Even published a book. Randy is quite intelligent, a nice guy, good looking and has a bad boy past that women like. All the women like him. Pisses me off. Click on here to see a documentary we made with Randy.

Randy Vining has been on the road for over 40 years. Among other things he's a poet often writing about the RV community. Watch Randy perform a few of his poems. You won't be sorry.

I'm in a movie, actually a documentary, filmed by a Swiss crew. The directors previous movie played at the Cannes Film Festival. Click here.

Dogs are people too. Love to take dog, and sometimes other pet, portraits. Play this for a few.