When traveling in an RV people often ask, "Where are you camping?" Camping? Let's see. I have a queen size bed, a shower, a toilet, a kitchen and a nice sofa. Is that camping? It's a small house on wheels.

Camping is those crazy guys in tents.

Same house, different yard. People say "but you wake up in a Walmart parking lot." No, I wake up at home, it's just that home is currently surrounded by a Walmart parking lot. Tomorrow if could be an expanse of desert, a lake or a forest.

A few random views from places I have parked my RV.

Bryce Canyon Parking my house in Bryce City was the best spot in my 7 years on the road. I was just two miles from the entrance to Bryce Canyon National Park but the whole area 50 miles either way was inspiring. Take a look
Arkansas was a great place to hunker down during the Coronavirus period. Arkansas is also where my great great-grandfather lived before migrating to California during the Civil War or War for Southern Independence.

Ashland Oregon is a great little city with lots to do
Another great place Joshua Tree National Park