Ashland is home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival which runs from late February to November as well as other arts groups. The Ashland Food Coop is not only a great organic food store but their buffet has a large selection of salads, sides and main dishes. I ate there 4 or 5 nights a week. Doesn't pay to cook for one with the Coop available.

Evenings at Wellsprings RV park and spa can be spent in the hot tub and/or pool. I made this shot into a postcard for them
There's often a festival or performance of some sort at Wellsprings or other area venues.

Ashland videos.

Ashland is known as a woowoo, new term for hippy, town. In addition to one time events there is the Goddess Temple on the grounds of Wellsprings the RV park where I stayed. Grail is an interesting and very sharp woman.

Alexis Hatfield, of the Hatfields and the McCoys, is a unique talent with a unique style. We made two music videos while I was there. Watching the lives of traveling performers coming through Ashland she decided it wasn't worth trying to make a living from her talents.

Tom was the first person I met at Wellsprings. He later moved to another full time RV park and a few years ago died.