There I was snug as a bug in a rug in Wilcox Arizona. The RV group I was with had stopped moving when due to the Coronavirus parking places for RVs were quickly disappearing. Soon there might be no place to go. Wilcox is a nice little town and the Elks said we could stay in their RV lot at a good rate. "I'm not moving", I said to no one in particular, "wake me when it's over."

But Joanie, whom I had been traveling with since we met at the New Years dance, has a house on a lake in Arkansas. "We could go there" she said. "Arkansas? Really? That's about a 5,000 mile drive 6,000 of which is across Texas, and at the end you're in Arkansas." (I had never been to Arkansas and it was 1,325 miles.)

Given what was happening around the country the Wilcox Elks could get closed down and in any event it was going to get hot as Summer progressed so off we went. Overnighting at Walmarts and rest stops, a few of which had special parking areas for RVs so as not to take up truck spots, we arrived in Arkansas four days later.

WOW! Arkansas? It's green, almost an Ireland sort of green, with ponds and lakes and rivers everywhere. Just the two of us plus two dogs and a cat "hunkered down" till who knows when but we do get a variety of visitors, especially after we put out special hors d'oeuvres for our guests. At least once a day I say to Joanie, "thanks for rescuing me."

Around the house on a lake.

Social separation was the word of the day so there were just two of us humans but we did receive visitors of various kinds.

Images from other Northern Arkansas locations.