Bryce Canyon

which isn't a Canyon. It's an amphitheater because there are walls on one side while the other side is open. I spent the Summer of 2019 there and as of this writing I plan to go back for the 2020 summer. Southern Utah is known for its beautiful and inspiring parks like Capital Reef, Zion, Kodachrome Basin and of course Bryce Canyon which really isn't a canyon. Oh, I already said that.

By far the best RV parking in my seven years out was the Ruby's Inn employee park in Bryce City. Bryce City is about 2 miles from the entrance to Bryce Canyon which, you know. Ruby's management treat their customers well and they treat their employees well. Can't ask for more than that. Well you can but if you get to stay in Bryce why bother.

Southern Utah is more than just pretty piles of rocks. The entire area is magical. One could do a photo book without even going into the park. I think, I hope, my two videos made from still photos will help communicate what I mean. About half of the first video was shot from within a few steps of my parking place.

Bryce Canyon and vicinity.

View from the hill over the employee RV lot.