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During my second year out I teamed up with Barbara and Dilly her Chinese Crested Powderpuff. That much improved the experience. We traveled together for a little over two years through New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Texas, Oklahoma and other locations.


The Desert Bar, AZ. In the middle of nowhere it runs on solar energy.

Robert Pearson
Full time in a 31' RV.

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Slab City, a WWII marine base, has no electricity or water so all RVs must be self contained. When I arrived at Slab City they didn't think I'd last a week and neither did I. But I made it to March then made a leisurely trip back to Seattle. The First Season menu has more details if your're interested.

In the Winter of 2012 a woman I was dating announced that she had always wanted to live full time in an RV. “What?” People who live in RVs, also known as trailer trash, are overweight, under educated and don’t have many teeth. They sit around worrying that ______ (insert currently prominent Democrat) will declare martial law and take away their TV remotes. Later I learned that like all stereotypes there were major exceptions.

I had never looked at RVs so I went along for the ride. To make a long story short after a few months of this we wound up breaking up for other reasons but against the advice of most of my friends I went and purchased a used RV anyway.

On July 28, 2012 I purchased a 24 foot Forest River Sunseeker from a consignment dealer South of Seattle. That particular RV turned out to be a big mistake but I wouldn’t know that until later. I made two 6 day test runs around the Olympic peninsula to make sure everything was working properly then the day after Labor Day I started South toward my primary goal, Slab City California. Along the way I stopped at various places including 4 1/2 weeks at my secondary goal, Ashland Oregon, home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. The third goal was Joshua Tree National Park.

I had lots of unexpected experiences, not always pleasant. One interesting suprise was meeting a documentary movie director from Switzerland who wanted to feature me in her next doc. Her last film made it to the Cannes Film Festival. At Slab City she and her German photographer shot a 2:48 "trailer" of me to help sell the film. I hadn’t planned on going back on the road but I was pulled back by the possibility of the documentary Almost There and finding a great RV. The Coachman 23CB was the same length as my first RV but with almost twice the storage, no slide out and a much more homey feeling. I lost a lot on the trade in but the new rig is worth it.

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There are two guard houses, with gun ports, left over from WWII Camp Dunlap. (You wonder that they thought the Germans or Japanese would actually invade Niland.) The first guard house is usually painted “Almost There” on one side and “Caution, reality ahead” on the other. Unfortunately some folks, probably a sub species offshoot of homo sapien evolutionary chain, regularly paint over it. One evening I saw a nice couple repainting the guard house. I came out the next morning and the sub species had already started on two sides. At least the important side was still OK.

Creosote flower and a Spring sunset at Slab City.