I bought an RV

In July of 2012 for some reason I decided to purchase an RV. Knowing I have always been a city guy my friends all said it was a bad idea. Living downtown I could walk to the Pike Place Market, all sorts restaurants and great views.

My idea of roughing it was going to a two star hotel instead of a three star hotel. I virtually never ate franchise food and although I had heard of it I didn't know what chicken fried steak was. And I had never even heard of biscuits and gravy or line dancing. How do you go from living within walking distance of three French restaurants to chicken fried steak and biscuits and gravy?

But every time I'd come back to my condo I noticed "this thing doesn't move." The ability to stop anywhere from Walmart parking lots to desert vistas to mountian forests and still be home was pulling me back to the road. Eventually I sold the condo, upgraded to a slightly larger RV and went Full Time. Had to get rid of a lot of stuff but that was good. You don't own the stuff, it owns you.

Photos and Videos

Many years ago a wise person said, "You can photograph an event or you can experience it. But you can't do both." That person was me but nevertheless the comment has merit. On one hand you should absorb and experience your surroundings the other hand I feel that if I haven't photographed a place I haven't really been there. These two ideas contradict each other. Perhaps one is the anthesis of the other. Not sure. It would help if I knew what anthesis meant. In any event there are photos and a few videos on this web site but not as many as I might like. Sometimes I just wanted to experience the event.

Most of my current photos wind up on Facebook.

WINs campfire Yuma, AZ
RV traveling group the WINs have their annual Christmas meet near Yuma, AZ.
When I purchased my first RV my primary goals were Ashland, OR, Slab City, CA and Joshua Tree National Park.
Free dispersed parking at American Girl Mine near Yuma, AZ
Bryce Canyon is probably the best place I have ever visited. Worked one Summer at Ruby's RV park. Check the videos on the Bryce page to see what I mean.